Additional Publications

Mary Brown has several Bible-inspired short stories available for Kindle purchase. They offer expanded, well-researched examinations of familiar stories to show how these accounts are relevant to our struggles today.

He Gave Up His Cloak By Mary Brown

He Gave Up His Cloak

A Bible story for adults, about the healing of Bar-Timaeus.

People who have indifferent, neglectful, or abusive parents must grapple with a variety of difficulties. This story shows that the love of God, as seen in Jesus’ messages of mercy and hope, can free us from limitations that we were born into. Often the process is gradual, but He heals every willing heart.



Freedom From Shame By Mary Brown

Freedom From Shame

A Bible story for adults, about the mother

of the man who was born blind.

Parents of children with disabilities often struggle with a range of emotions. This is the story of a woman like us in the Bible: her downs, her ups, her ultimate victory through the love of Christ.



Answer To An Old Prayer By Mary Brown

Answer To An Old Prayer

A Bible story for adults, about the birth of John the Baptist.

How often have we prayed but have not received an answer? This is the story of Zechariah and Elizabeth as they realized that, finally, their prayer for a baby was being answered: impossibly, but undeniably. May it help to assure us that God hears every prayer and answers in the way and the timing that is best; may we grow to trust His love and His will for us.