A Sparrow Falls


A Sparrow Falls

By Mary Brown


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This book of prayer-poems is a spiritual exploration of the strain that adversity can inflict on one’s personal relationship with God. Presented in a journal format, A Sparrow Falls  is an honest and deeply personal account of Mary’s struggles and questions. These poems also offer profound reminders of the universality of individual experiences, and of the unfailing love and presence of the Divine in each life.

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An excerpt from the book is presented below.


Dear Lord, there are days—lots of them, recently—
when each place I go is not a place I want to be.
Not pleasant, not inspiring, not happy, not efficient.
Not anywhere.

But I just thought of that old gospel hymn we used to sing:
If Jesus goes with me I’ll go anywhere.
’Tis heaven to me, where’er I may be if he is there.
I count it a privilege here his cross to bear;
if Jesus goes with me I’ll go anywhere.

Decades ago, I enjoyed its lilting rhythm, its harmony,
not really considering the depth of meaning in those words.
Anywhere. With him, heaven is anywhere.

O God, please God, help me to remember, to believe,
to live as though I know Jesus is with me.
His strength, peace, hope, joy, resources are mine.
His beauty, song, loveliness are around me, within me.
I can dwell in his house, feast at his table. Anywhere.

If I do my part, and abide in him,*
then he will abide in me and there will be
glimpses of glory everywhere.
Work, home, church, traffic jam.
Grocery store, bank, gas station.
Hospital, prison, homeless shelter.
There is heaven at hand in this dangerous, desperate world,
and it’s truly a privilege to go with you, Lord.

* John 15:4