For Your Journey Publications has two primary areas of focus. First, we provide support to authors who are seeking publication. We will help you publish your writings in such a way that there is nothing negative or inaccurate to detract from your message. To that end, we offer:

  • superb proofreading services;
  • excellent editing that will maintain your unique voice while ensuring that grammar and style are professional;
  • customized cover art that will attract readers and enhance your story;
  • supervision of the printing and production process.

Please email us (ForYourJourney@outlook.com) for details.

Publishing a book is a lot of work, if you want it done right. We can lift much of the load for you. If you’ve taken the courageous steps required to express your thoughts and your story, our decades of professional experience will support you as you share your life with the world. You will not find better proofreading or editing services anywhere, at any price.

Our second area of focus is centered around the conviction that God loves and lives within each of us, and desires all that is best for each of us. The work of our authors who share this belief is featured on our site, and available for purchase. Visit our BUY NOW pages.

We seek to provide literature that will comfort and support you through difficult seasons, and that will reinforce your joy during hours of happiness. It is our desire to bring common struggles into the light of God’s love.  And we want to remind readers that, though we all have fears, stresses, frustrations, anger, and grief, there is someone who hears and sees and loves each of us. Always. That someone, the God who is Lord and Creator of the universe, earnestly desires our loving commitment.